Pat Riley Longs for Mike Miller

by February 25, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

The trade deadline was a painful time for the Heat’s head coach. He tried, and tried, and tried, but in the end, he could not convince the Grizzlies to trade the shooter of his dreams, Mike Miller.

“It was really hard for me,” Riley said before Saturday’s game against the 76ers. “I’m one of those guys, I keep anteing up. I’ll tell the guy to tell me exactly what you want.

“I said, ‘Put it out there. Tell me exactly what you want. Give me your dream deal.’ I could never get them to give me the dream deal. I don’t think, at the very end, they wanted to do it.”

Riley wanted Miller so badly that he reportedly was willing to eat two years on the absurd deal belonging to the corpse of one Brian Cardinal (the bald-headed wonder is owed $14 mil over the next 2 seasons).

Take it easy, Riles. You should be happy that you managed to swing one great trade this season. No need to get greedy.