Paul George: Lance Stephenson Must ‘Learn to Control Himself’

by April 18, 2017

Lance Stephenson was a tad too emotional Monday night for Paul George’s liking.

The All-Star forward said Lance has “got to learn to control himself” and improve his body language.

The Cleveland Cavaliers took a commanding 2-0 series lead against the Indiana Pacers with a 117-111 win.

Per the Indy Star:

“We’re just not taking the fight to them right now,” Paul George said. “We’re not doing anything aggressively right now.”


The Cavaliers overpowered the Pacers in the second half once (Kevin) Love and (Kyrie) Irving started scoring at will. Love (27 points, 11 rebounds) punished Lance Stephenson by scoring on him in the post or drawing fouls and converting at the free-throw line. Love missed only one of his seven attempts and made all 12 of his free throws.


“That was my mistake,” Stephenson said of guarding Love. “I was supposed to front him and get help side and on the weak side behind me. I didn’t do it. It was my fault.”


Irving then took his turn torching Stephenson with hard crossovers and step-back 3-pointers. After Irving made his final shot of the quarter, he turned around to trash talk to Stephenson.

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