Paul Pierce Guarantees a Title, Conditionally

by September 25, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Paul Pierce wasn’t moved by what took place in the NBA’s championship round this past June. Mostly because he was watching it, instead of participating. He believes things will be different in 2010, but he is also strategically careful (and smart), even when making a bold prediction.

Paul was asked about how the Boston Celtics’ season will play out next year, and Pierce said he expects to win a title. But, only on one condition.

From Yahoo!:

“Before the season even started last year, I was asked, ‘What is going to stop y’all from winning it all?’ ” Pierce said in a phone interview on Thursday. “The first thing I said was, ‘If we’re healthy, we’re going to win it all.’ And I’m going to say it again: ‘If we are healthy, we are going to win it all.’

“I honestly believe that. I think we’re the best team in the NBA, healthy.”

“Healthy” in Boston applies to everyone on the team, but the focus is almost entirely on one player, and one player alone: Kevin Garnett.

Boston’s front office continues to be extremely evasive about Garnett’s physical well being. No one knows for sure how KG’s knee is doing today — perhaps not even Kevin himself — and how it will hold up during the 82-game grind and postseason.

Paul Pierce may be confident about his team’s chances, as he should be, but even he realizes that nothing is truly guaranteed.