Pelicans Openly Discussing Jrue Holiday Trades

The New Orleans Hornets have been openly discussing trades for Jrue Holiday, Shams Charania of The Athletic reports, a slight contrast from where the team stood at the 2020 NBA trade deadline.

While Holiday’s name has come up in speculation for the past year, the Pelicans were content holding on to the veteran All-Star through the February deadline and into the 2020 postseason.

Now, executive vice president of basketball operations David Grifin and company are more actively seeking suitors for the 30-year-old guard. Among the teams reported to be interested, Charania adds, are several contenders.

In October we wrote about how there were at least 10 teams that had inquired about Holiday’s services.

Holiday averaged 19.1 points and 6.7 assists for the Pelicans last season while consistently establishing himself as an elite asset on the defensive end. He’s experienced enough to add instant value to a receiving team yet young enough to factor into a franchise’s long-term plan.

Holiday will earn $26.1 million in 2020-21 and has a player option of $27.0 million next season.