Pistons Acquire No. 37 From Mavs For No. 45, Future Second

by June 20, 2019
Deividas Sirvydis

The Detroit Pistons have acquired the No. 37 pick in the draft from the Dallas Mavericks, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports. In exchange the Mavs will get Detroit’s No. 45 pick and, as Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press clarifies, two of the four second-round picks the Pistons just acquired from the Warriors.

Given that we know where the second-round picks in the Kevin Porter Jr. trade initiated, we can infer that the Mavs will pick up the 2023 second-round pick that originally belonged to Portland and the 2024 pick that originally belonged to Miami.

With the 37th pick, the Pistons picked 19-year-old Deividas Sirvydis who, Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press initially figured would be a draft-and-stash prospect. International basketball reporter Donatas Urbonas, however, has suggested that Sirvydis may be available to join the Pistons right away.