Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

I’m living the American Dream. Working from home, because my cubicle at work is a disaster area. You may have heard of floodgate ’07 (strangely -gate at the end of flood is one of the rare times it makes sense to call something -gate. It makes so much sense that it does not. If I am not making sense right now, I blame the fumes at the office.), well the aftermath has been worse than the disaster itself. Positive spin: it forced me to attend to a much needed cleansing of my desk.

Let’s just pick some Player of the D.A.Y.s from over the weekend.

Friday night’s games: It’s easy to be impressed by a 20-20. I don’t have a point, I’m just saying they’re impressive. KG came oh so close with 19 boards to go with his 27 points and 6 assists against the Hawks, there was Emeka Okafor with his 25 and 23 dominating the Pacers, and Dwight Howard with 22 and 20 against the Knicks. This is what you degenerate gamblers out there call “A pick ’em.” I’ll go with Emeka Okafor, only because 4 Magic players scored in the 20s.

Saturday night’s games: Dwight Howard followed up that 22-20 with a quaint little 33-18 against the Suns in a loss. Barbosa gets honorable mention in that win with his 39, 7, and 6. But I’m going to go with Brandon Roy leading the rebuilding Blazers over the championship contender Mavs, with 32 points and 7 assists.

Finally, for the games played yesterday. Today’s Player of the D.A.Y. is Yao, who shot 13 of 15 on his way to 34 points and 8 boards against Charlotte and the Player of the D.A.Y. for games played on Friday night.

There. Done. I’m at home, where I have windows. It is 4:50 P.M. and it’s basically nighttime dark outside. Winter is here.