Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

I’m out here in the freezing cold of Green Bay, Wisconsin. So it’s been hard to give out awards. I should point out that I contributed to an important think tank on the progress of one Eli Manning. Yes there is a Heroes reference in there for you all. Let’s give out some awards cause I’m so cold I can barely hear myself think over the chattering of my teeth. The last two are nice and obvious.

Games played Friday: This was one of those nights where everyone put up huge numbers. Everyone. It always happens on a Friday for some reason. Baron had 20 points and 19 assists against Memphis. People talk about the Suns skewing the stats with their fast paced play, inflating the numbers of everyone on the team. Well, Memphis does that for the opponent. Lots of big games against the Grizz. I’ll go with LeBron against the Bobcats though, which was funny considering he has been compared to Obama, and the Cats owner recently distanced himself from Obama. I digress. LeBron is becoming the king of the 50 minute double OT statline, in this game it was 31-19-8 with 4 steals and 3 blocks. Is it wildly hypocritical after what transpired last season to say he needs to save it for the playoffs?

Games played Saturday: Boston lost to Washington, and this would begin the trend of Celtic losses no longer being an event. Memo led the Jazz over Orlando, clearly inspired by his stunning respect in the last Player of the D.A.Y. from his New Years party pose, and hey since that was the best matchup of good teams that night, Memo gets it again! Utah has four players that have won the award – I think, I would have to go back and check. No time.

Games played Sunday: Chris Bosh put up 38 and 14 in a double OT thriller of a win against the Blazers. Honorable mention to Kobe with 37 points against Memphis in the game where Bynum got injured. Bosh got off to a slow start this season. Yes the youtube video was hilarious. Where do I stand on players making youtube videos of themselves that could lead to embarrasment? They shouldn’t do that. NONE OF YOU should do that. But I know you do. I know you do…

Games played Monday night: Kobe. Cause the Player of the D.A.Y. celebrates individual dominance.

Games played last night: LeBron, with an honorable mention to Sam Cassell.

By the way, I’m not actually in Green Bay, physically. That’s where my mind is, where my focus is as it should be. GO G-MEN! I’m not eating any cheese or wearing green all week.