Player of the D.A.Y.

by February 08, 2008

By Sam Rubenstein

There comes a time in every man’s life where he has to say, sure my team won the greatest championship there ever was, I enjoyed it, and now it’s time to move on.

Hasn’t happened for me yet… I’ll let you know if it ever does. DOUBT THAT!!!

Missed work last Friday cause of some family stuff. I wrote my big Super Bowl as important as a World War thing before heading out that morning, but the events of the day took longer than expected, the weather was inclement to say the least, and I never got around to doing the Player of the D.A.Y. Besides it was Gasol for Kwame day. This was not a priority.

So here we are in backlog city. No time for small talk…

Games played last Thursday night (January 31!): It was the eve of the Gasol trade. Really funny to look at those boxscores now. The Lakers lost by one to the Pistons. Kwame Brown’s swan song was 3 points and 6 boards in a loss to the Pistons. Lamar Odom took the last “shot.” LOST season premiere night! Seems like a long time ago. There was a heavyweight showdown of Phoenix and San Antonio. Shawn Marion led the Suns in points, rebounds, and steals. See, sometimes its good that I’m so late on these cause you can look back and chuckle. There was somehow a third big game that night, the Celtics playing without KG, getting the W. This was the game where Rajon Rondo had 14 and 12, and wanted the game winning rebound more than Dirk. It throws the Player of the D.A.Y. standings into utter disarray to have Rondo with more than any other Celtic… and utter disarray you shall have! Rajon Rondo gets it.

Games played last Friday night: Brandon Roy had a triple double in an OT win over the Knicks… whoa, I said Knicks. I haven’t even thought of that word in weeks. But the big star of the night was Kobe, fired up by the Gasol trade as he went off for 46 at Toronto.

Games played Saturday night: Brad Miller had a 20-20 game against the Bulls and Chris Wilcox had 20-10 against the Knicks. Nice numbers guys, get money, etc. but no Player of the D.A.Y.s. Tracy McGrady led Houston with 33 and 11 over Milwaukee – which actually has a worse record than Chicago. Allen Iverson had 24-13-6 and 5 steals in a win over the Bobcats, who have an even worse record than the Bucks now. How about this… NO AWARD GIVEN! That’s a power move, people. Respect it.

Games played Sunday night: THE BLESSED EVENT OF SUPER BOWLNESS!!! Detroit held the Mavs to just 67 points, kind of like how the GMEN held the greatest NFL offense ever to only 14. Spags, you made the right choice. You’re a legend now. Big game for Kobe, but the nod goes to Rasheed Wallace, who led the Pistons with 21 and 9 as Dirk shot 3 of 18.

Games played Monday night: Big game out West between Denver and Portland. That is not a sentence I expected to write this season. Anyways, Allen Iverson had a rough first half, and then oh so casually erupted in the second half, hitting the game winner in OT to top it off.

Games played Tuesday night: Boston went to Cleveland without KG in uniform… LEBRON did things to them. Bad things. 33-9-12-5-2, he even had 5 fouls and 7 turnovers. Shot 10 free throws, hit four threes. No category is safe!

Games played Wednesday night: With everyone’s head spinning from the Shaq-Marion trade, the Suns and Hornets played the way the Suns and Hornets should. The final result was Chris Paul with 42 and 9. Say what you will about the Suns as a flashy novelty act, they sure do go to multiple overtimes a lot. This is a good thing for you all-night types.

Games played last night: Caught up. LeBron vs. Yao. The marketing potential of this game… These guys and their people and the PR people for their people and the firm that represents those people are getting Johan Santana money. But Yao‘s team came out on top behind his 22 and 12.

On a final funny note, like many people one of my favorite baseball blogs is FireJoeMorgan. In particular I’ve always thought that Ken Tremendous is one of the great baseball poets of our time, really someone who is too insightful and entertaining not to be a professional Hollywood writer (hang in there!). Yesterday, the bloggers of the site gave the world their real names. It turns out Mr. Tremendous is also a writer for The Office, which is one of the only written non-sports non-news non-historical restrospective non-shaking my head in disgust at the Sucker Free Countdown shows I watch regularly (Office, Wire, LOST, Law and Order, Family Guy re-runs, that’s it!).

For a moment there I considered this guy to be an American hero… then through a little re-con, I discovered that his wife is a writer as well, and that she wrote one episode of Heroes, which just so happened to be the one that ruined any hope of the show being watchable. No offense, I’m sure she’s a nice lady. But it was the “Superman and Lois Lane in flight” epsiode where I thought to myself “I will watch the rest of the season out of stubbornness, but I already know it’s done.” There is no larger point here, I just found that personally amusing. Sometimes being anonymous is a better way of living.
Have a great weekend everyone!