Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

One of my rules for the Player of the D.A.Y. was that meaningless games get treated with less weight than the big ones with major impact. So last night, KG was the star of Celtics-Pistons, which was arguably the biggest game of the regular season in the East. And then there was LeBron with 50-10-8 against the most insignificant team in the NBA. J-Rich had an overshadowed 42 and 7 in a win over Golden State, and I actually caught the depressing (for Phoenix) end of the Phoenix-Denver game as I was waiting for the LeBron highlights to start.

You know what though, 50-10-8 trumps jockeying for playoff position. We’ll remember that years from now, not what happened with the Eastern Conference outlook.

HOWEVER… If you are to believe that the top 4 seeds in the East will advance, and you should… this means the #1 seed could have to deal with LBJ, while the #2 gets Orlando. LeBron is scarier than anyone in the East as a possible bracket destroyer, even scarier than Dwight Howard and Stan Van Gundy. Detroit may have won by losing, cause they can handle Dwight with their big bodies, but as they proved last year, LeBron can handle them in a big spot.

And so… the choice is clearly LeBron James.