Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

There aren’t many rules in the competition for Player of the D.A.Y. but here’s two that I’ve stuck to so far:

1. Never give the award to a player on the losing team.
2. Never split the award between two players.

After last night, I have no choice but to break both of those rules. Dwyane Wade had a great game himself with 32, 11, and 9 at Arco. Not good enough.

Steve Nash hit the big three to turn a great regular season game into an epic battle with his one-time mentor. After that, and really all night long, he and Jason Kidd gave a basketball fan all you could ever ask for from a game. Especially a random regular season one on a cold night in Jersey. Kidd ended up losing the game when Diaw backed him down and shot over him, exploiting the mismatch, and then Jason dribbled off his foot at the other end. But he still has every reason to be proud, carrying a struggling Nets team on his back, faced with going against the Suns in overtime with Vince already fouled out. Incredible perfomances from two of the best.
Steve Nash: 42, 13, and 6.
Jason Kidd: 38, 14, and 14.

Your first ever co-players of the D.A.Y.