Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

There were many worthy choices last night, as it was one of those nights where it felt like every single team played. Vince won a battle with LeBron, David Lee had the magic touch on a 19 board night, Baron Davis could have put even more distance behind him with his 5th win while nobody else even has 3, Z-Bo put up his usual big numbers in a win over Yaoston, and Erick Dampier picked up the slack for an injured Dirk and led the Mavs over Seattle.

None of them get it. Because a much greater power was in charge.

Allen Iverson, a man with the wealth and juicecard to be able to travel wherever he wants, whenever he wants, was denied. His debut in a Denver Nuggets uni was to take place against the Phoenix Suns, who were looking for their 16th straight win. This game was going to be an event. But alas, snow.

The game has not been rescheduled yet, but hopefully it will happen after Carmelo’s (and J.R.’s) suspension ends. I had to look up what causes snow to figure out who to give this award to.

Cold air and ice particles?

The weather machine from “The Revenge of Cobra” that ends with the punch line “Snow Joe!”?

No. Those are both wrong. Michael Jordan showed his face at the Garden last night. You think it’s a coincidence that there was a snowstorm preventing the guy who crossed him up and made cornrows and tats mainstream from playing with the handpicked Brand Jordan spokesman?

The Player of the D.A.Y. is God. Michael Jordan. For postponing the Denver-Phoenix game with his powers.