Player of the D.A.Y.

by April 03, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

The NBA did not exist last night. I suppose the obvious move is to give the Player of the D.A.Y. to the M.O.P. of the tourney (insert MOP the hardcore rap duo from Brooklyn that were signed to G-Unit and never heard from again). So the winner is… wait a second, I don’t think I know. Was it Brewer? Let me look it up…

Ah yes, it was Corey Brewer. Lucky guess, because I watched about 12 minutes total of the Final 4 and Championship Game combined. What a letdown. I’m happy I won the ultimate prize (money), but this tourney was a big tease. The Basketball Gods owe us a Phoenix-Dallas seven game series for that.

Since the tourney was so disappointing, and we still did our best to give you NCAA coverage here, I am pulling the plug. There is NO Player of the D.A.Y. today. Not Brewer, not Billy Donovan, not Greg Oden in dignified defeat, nobody.

Alright NBA. Don’t ever do this to us ever again. And in the interest of bringing the entertainment value back up, in case you missed what Tyrus Thomas did to Josh Smith, here is some video.