Player of the D.A.Y.

by April 04, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

It’s time for another milestone day, or D.A.Y.

People who care about sports are usually obsessed with numbers and plateaus. Whether it’s Kobe scoring 19,000 points, the entire fantasy sports industry, caring about league leaders and quantifying individual greatness, you care. Today could be a double milestone day in the history of SLAMonline. First of all, this is the 100th Player of the D.A.Y. At least, it’s the 100th post I’ve tagged Player of the D.A.Y. What that means is I’ve been writing this every day for more than 5 months, except for the one time Lang wrote it, which I’m claiming for the sake of tying everything together.

But enough about me. As of noon, Ryan Jones had left 995 comments on slamonline, dating back to July 16th. By the time I write this, he will most likely have crossed the 1,000 mark. Compare that to myself and Lang, who have done the bulk of the work on the site, and I am at a respectable 864 which is 4 behind Sadaharu Oh’s home run total, and Lang is sitting on 661, one ahead of Willie Mays. Ryan is in Josh Gibson land. Then again, he might be busy at work today and won’t be able to reach the sacred plateau.

Those are your milestones for the D.A.Y., and now for the winner from last night’s performance. Gerald Wallace did have a monster night, but so did everybody on the Bobcats against the Wizards, who really miss Caron Butler already. In honor of Ryan’s accomplishment, I will give the Player of the D.A.Y. to LeBron James, for his 31-12-6 with 4 steals against the Timberwolves, including at least 2 extra sick dunks.