Post Up: Brandon Ballin’

by November 12, 2009

by Holly MacKenzie/@stackmack

Such. A. Long. Night.

When you’re trying to write on deadline and a team (the Chicago Bulls) shoots 47.8% through three quarters, the last thing you expect is for them to shoot 13% in the fourth. Yes, 13%. As in, 3-for-21. After scoring 60 points against the Raptors in the first half (Chicago averages 88 points a game on the season), the Raptors discovered their defensive side and held the Bulls to just 29 second half points as they went on to win 99-89.

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a team die like that in the fourth before. At least not after the first half they had. I mean, they didn’t just fall apart, they were done. Over. Their shots even looked bad. It was like a different team on the floor. Crazy.

And with each passing game I appreciate Chris Bosh more and more. I wasn’t convinced he’d be able to keep up the strong start, but, eight games in he’s still killing it. The extra size has been great for him and most importantly, he hasn’t slowed down a bit, the way guys sometimes lose some of their quickness as they adjust to their new frames.

Bosh is beasting. Fact.

Now, most importantly, and I think you all knew this was coming.

Brandon Jennings.

32 points (matching Melo’s total) and nine assists in the Bucks win over the Nuggets. Even more impressive, 14 of those 32 in the fourth quarter when his team needed him most. Six of the 32 coming on back to back three-pointers in the fourth. The Bucks are leading the Central Division. I knew Brandon would be great, didn’t know he’d be able to help his team this quickly, though. Coming home to that boxscore made my night for real.

LeBron James finished with 36 points, eight rebounds and four assists as the Cavs took down the Magic in a rematch of the conference finals. I like a healthy Magic team better than the Cavs this season, although I know how stupid it is to vote against LeBron. I’ve learned that lesson with Kobe and I’ll never do it again.

Steve Nash had a quieter night yesterday, scoring 12 points (5-for-6 shooting) and dishing 10 assists in the Suns blowout of the Hornets. He’s already resurrected two careers this season, helping Channing Frye and Jaredy Dudley find roles on this Suns team. I hope the threes keep falling because they’re so much fun to watch.

Okay, there were about a million different moments, plays, performances and games last night. I missed a lot of them and yet here I am at 2 a.m. watching a replay of the Raptors/Bulls game to see what I may have missed in that awful fourth quarter. How about you guys fill me in. I’ve been hearing about Will Bynum’s dunks, haven’t seen them yet though. Also, San Antonio pulling out another victory without TP and TD. Impressive.

So, yeah. There’s a ton to talk about. Let’s get cracking.

And finally, yay Greg Oden!! 18 points and 11 rebounds. The 18 coming on 8-10 from the floor.

p.s. If you haven’t already, I beg you to go out and grab “The Art of a Beautiful Game” by Chris Ballard. It’s phenomenal. And I’m only midway through the second chapter.