Post Up: Clippers Crush Mavs

All eyes were on DeAndre Jordan, but it was Blake Griffin who stole the show as the Clippers cruised past the Mavs, 104-88.
by October 30, 2015

While not in its traditional long-form, The Post Up is back! Long-time SLAM readers know the column has been the daily hub to talk hoops throughout the season. It’s a tradition we had to continue. Forgive us for missing the first the first couple nights.—Ed.

Hawks 112 (1-1), Knicks 101 (1-1): Kristaps Porzingis is on his way to becoming a crowd favorite, but Al Horford and Jeff Teague (44 points combined) were too much to overcome.

Grizzlies 112 (1-1), Pacers 103 (0-2): After getting blown out by the Cavs in their season opener, the Grizzlies pulled away in the final five minutes. Pacers fans had fun trolling Matt Barnes, who had 10 points in 21 minutes off the bench.

Clippers 104 (1-1), Mavericks 88 (2-0): Mark Cuban had some more not nice things to say about DeAndre Jordan and the Clippers before the game, but Dallas couldn’t back up their owner’s bravado on the court. The focus was on Jordan, but Blake Griffin stole the show. This could be the season that BG leads the team.