Post Up: Miami Hangover

by January 09, 2013

by Peter Walsh / @goinginsquad

After a spending the last few days down in South Beach watching my beloved Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish get mauled in the National Championship, plus a LONG day of travel, I am back with a vicious hangover, a developing cold and a serious bout of depression thanks to Nick Saban and the Tide. All in all, it was a great trip with a lot of laughs and one I will never forget. But I need to get some sleep if I plan to go full force with tonight’s heavy slate.

So, here’s a much, much abridged version of The Post Up….

Nets 109 (20-15), Sixers 89 (15-21)


Pacers 87 (21-14), Heat 77 (23-10)


Bucks 108 (17-16), Suns 99 (12-24)


Rockets 125 (21-14), Lakers 112 (15-19)


Timberwolves 108 (16-15), Hawks 103 (20-13)