Post Up: Tripped Up

by January 19, 2011

by Adam Figman | @afigman

Atlanta 93, Miami 89

Yes, that was the final score of a game between two of the top teams in the Eastern Conference, in a game featuring, what, five 2010 All-Stars/borderline All-Stars? (By my count: LeBronDWadeJoe JohnsonAl Horford with Josh Smith on the border, and Chris Bosh, the potential sixth, sitting out with a sprained ankle.) And even more wild is that these two battled (but didn’t, you know, hit many shots) right through 48 minutes and into overtime, after LBJ missed what would’ve been a pretty impressive game-winner. The Hawks pulled away in the final session, as Miami tried to keep up by feeding LeBron (generally a solid strategy), but, arguably, ignoring DWade a little too much. Or maybe the bigger point: Why aren’t the two of them playing together? Why isn’t the LeBron/DWade pick-and-roll being run during any and all important possessions? (Sidebar: The two combined for 61 points.) Atlanta presented a pretty balanced offensive attack (Jamal Crawford and Johnson each led the team with 19), as five of their players scored in double figures. The L marks four straight defeats for the Heat, though Saturday night’s home game against the Raptors should present a nice opportunity to turn that momentum around.

Charlotte 83, Chicago 82

The above contest’s extra time forced those of us with only one TV to miss all but about five seconds of this one, but if the box scores and highlights tell us anything, it’s that things over here weren’t much prettier. Derrick Rose led the Bulls with 33 points, and his squad had a chance to pull ahead as the fourth quarter’s clock wound down, but couldn’t make it work; first Kyle Korver couldn’t convert under the hoop, then Rose had an opening at the buzzer, but his J went off the front rim. DJ Augustin’s 15 points were a team high for the ‘Cats.

Before I’m out, check the four active teams’ respective field goal percentages on this cold Tuesday night:

Hawks: 40.0
Heat: 36.4
Bobcats: 40.2
Bulls: 39.0

Yeah, I don’t know. Rough times. I’d make a joke right here, but if these guys can’t convert tonight, I’m not feeling my chances. Let’s just wrap this thing up.

Actual Stats: LeBron: 34 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals.

Moment of the Night: Both of the tilts ended regulation with almost buzzer-beaters, and I’ll put up video evidence if/when some pop ups. A 13-game Wednesday is on tap, so if for some absurd reason you haven’t been, you’re gonna want to take advantage of the current free week of League Pass offer tonight. Be back tomorrow.