Post Up: Sunday Funday

Russell Westbrook is bouncy, Hassan Whiteside is for real and the Rockets are... 0-3.
by November 02, 2015

While not in its traditional long-form, The Post Up is back! Long-time SLAM readers know the column has been the daily hub to talk hoops throughout the season. It’s a tradition we had to continue. Rock with us.—Ed.

So, about those Hawks jerseys… The Bulls won, but the Magic are gonna be a pain in everyone’s ass this season, huh… You guys realize the Rockets are 0-3 now, right?… Hassan Whiteside is an animal, though… LMA = A-OK… Happy to see Chandler Parsons back on the court… Russell Westbrook’s athleticism is mind-boggling, b… Even more mind-boggling is this early-season statline:

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 10.25.13 PM