Q+A: Andrew Wiggins

The '15 ROY talks wings and stars in a new commercial for Buffalo Wild Wings.
by July 28, 2016

Coming off a stellar second season where he averaged 20 points a game, Andrew Wiggins is still turning heads with his aerial assaults and already too-mature postup game. Maple Jordan really has the Michael Jordan fadeaway in the works.

Wiggins recently teamed up with Buffalo Wild Wings for a hilarious new video that celebrates National Chicken Wing Day. In the video, the crew at B-Dubs took away Andrew’s right side and challenged him to beat fans in H-O-R-S-E with one foot, one eye and one arm.

Check out the video up top and read below for more info on Wiggins’ wing eating habits.

SLAM: How did you and Buffalo Wild Wings hookup?

Andrew Wiggins: We got in touch with each other. They had a plan and they came up with the whole situation. They got some fans I got to interact with and talk about Buffalo Wild Wings with. It’s half-off on Friday, July 29th. Because it’s half-off and it’s half of my body. I could only use one leg when I was shooting.

SLAM: What was your reaction to such a crazy idea?

AW: Yeah, it was surprising. I thought it was interesting. I thought I was gonna win because I do play basketball, I thought I would still have an advantage.

SLAM: How long did those H-O-R-SE- games last?

AW: They were probably ten minutes. The second one, Chris, was the longest one. Oh no, Jazzy was the longest one.

SLAM: Do you know if he played somewhere? He kinda dunked.

AW: When it was coming down to grind time, I had to dunk the ball. I didn’t think he could dunk. He stretched for, like, ten seconds and dunked the ball. I was surprised.

SLAM: What’s your go-to hot sauce for wings at B-Dubs?

AW: Hot sauce? I use Sriracha.

SLAM: When you’re with the squad, who’s getting the wings? You getting an entire order for yourself?

AW: The rookies have food duties. If we want something specific, the rookies gotta go get it.

SLAM: Who has the biggest appetite in Minnesota?

AW: It’s definitely, definitely Karl-Anthony Towns.

SLAM: If you and Karl played half-off H-O-R-S-E, who wins?

AW: I would win. [laughs]

SLAM: How are you gonna celebrate National Chicken Wing Day?

AW: Get some wings, go home and watch TV.

SLAM: What are you gonna watch?

AW: There’s a lot. Last night, I was watching Maze Runner, the second one.

SLAM: Is Thibs a wings guy?

AW: Yeah. Everyone is. All you need is a drink of water and you’re good. There are so many different kinds of wings you can get. You don’t only have to like one, certain type.

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