UPDATE: Rajon Rondo Withdraws from Team USA

UPDATE: Rajon Rondo withdrew from the US national team on Tuesday, citing family obligations: “‘Rajon came to us and said he was going to withdraw from the team, that he had some family matters to attend to and some things to take care of before the NBA season. He did an outstanding job during our training, we appreciate the effort and commitment he made to our program and he completely has our support,’ said Colangelo.”

Looks like Rajon’s fears (below) were well founded. Yahoo! reports that he’s been cut from the Team USA roster: “Team USA announces it cuts Celtics guard Rajon Rondo from World Championship roster. Rondo didn’t play in last exhibition in Spain.”

Rondo tells ESPN that he’s a bit nervous about not making the squad: “Somebody is going to get cut from Team USA after Wednesday night’s exhibition game against Greece, and Rajon Rondo has no illusions about where he stands. ‘I think I’m on the bubble,’ Rondo said Tuesday. ‘Just looking at the obvious — I got a DNP last game. That pretty much speaks for itself.’ After losing his job as the starting point guard to Derrick Rose last weekend in Madrid, Rondo’s stock has fallen to the point where it now appears he is third on the point guard depth chart behind Rose and Russell Westbrook.”