Randy Wittman’s Time in Minny Is Up; McHale (or Jesus!) to Coach

by Marcel Mutoni

Following a humiliating loss at home to the Clippers (the Clippers!) a couple of nights ago, a dejected Al Jefferson declared that not even Jesus H. Christ himself could coach his team out of the mess they’re currently mired in. Well, it might be time to give that Jesus fella a chance at the gig, because the guy holding it down – for the time being, anyway – is all but toast.

According to ESPN, and y’know, common sense, the Timberwolves are on the verge of firing their head coach. Yeah, a 4-15 start to the season will do that.

But Wolves owner Glen Taylor, sources say, wants Timberwolves vice president of basketball operations Kevin McHale to agree to take Wittman’s place on the bench before going ahead with a coaching change.

Yet it’s believed that McHale is resistant to coaching again, even on an interim basis, despite the fact that Minnesota’s much-maligned vice president of basketball operations has been successful as an interim coach before, guiding Minnesota to a 19-12 record in the second half of the 2004-05 season after firing Flip Saunders with the Wolves at 25-26.

Few things in this world are as depressing as watching the T-Wolves play ball these days. Just ask Britt Robson. A change, any kind of change, has to happen.

If I’m Glen Taylor, the Wolves’ owner, I give Kevin McHale the job. He can’t do any worse than Wittman did, and besides, it’s not like you’d be taking away any valuable front-office insight by having him roam the sidelines for a few months.