Rasheed: 72 Wins? No Problem

by Marcel Mutoni

When the Boston Celtics signed Rasheed Wallace this summer, they knew they were getting more than just one of the best basketball players of his generation. There was also the larger than life personality. One known for his temper as much as his habit for attempting to predict the outcome of future events.

The latter was at it again this Friday, declaring that this year’s Celtics could easily make a run at the ’96 Bulls win record. Welcome to the Rasheed Wallace Experience, Boston.

The Connecticut Post has the quotes:

“Oh definitely. Definitely, playing with those three other guys, also combining that with the guys we have on the bench, I think we can definitely can. Me personally, I think we can get that Bulls record. You know we have the talent for it. We have the will for it and…I think we have the defense for it.”

Do you want me to use that? “You can. Because honestly, I really do feel that. That was a good team. They had some HOFs on there, but we have a few on this team, too.” That’s a high mark to shoot for…”Definitely.”

The 72-win Bulls were an indestructible hoops force on both ends of the floor, led by the sport’s greatest player. Factors that don’t intimidate Rasheed, evidently.

Now, there’s no doubt that these Celtics are one of the top teams in the League today, but are they good enough to challenge the Jordan Bulls’ record? Ready or not, the new guy has issued the challenge.