Ray Felton Could Be The Next Bobcat To Go

by December 12, 2008

by Ryne Nelson

A few weeks ago, Mutoni mentioned that “MJ is looking to make a big trade, one that would dramatically alter the look of the Charlotte Bobcats.”

As usual, Mutoni proved to be on point, but not entirely in the way the rumors predicted (pundits thought Gerald Wallace would be first on the trade block).

After this week’s trade, the Bobcats’ needs are different. As it stands now, Raymond Felton, D.J. Augustin and Raja Bell will fight for minutes in the Bobcats’ backcourt. The Arizona Republic’s Paul Coro says trading Felton makes sense:

Charlotte insisted on (Sean Singletary) being in the trade even though the Bobcats have Raymond Felton and D.J. Augustin. It has been rumored that Felton could be on the trading block and this will only fuel that more.

The Cats don’t seem comfortable with Felton playing off the ball, and it’s obvious Larry Brown wants his offense run solely by his 21-year-old rookie phenom.

Felton seems like the odd man out because he’s not the go-to scorer the team needs.