Reggie Miller: Back in My Day, Knick Fans Didn’t Cheer for the Enemy

by Marcel Mutoni

Two nights ago, Reggie Miller tuned in to the Lakers/Knicks game at MSG. He couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing and what his ears were hearing. And it had nothing to do with Kobe Bryant’s stunning performance.

The former Pacer great, and legendary Knick killer, was shocked by the MSG crowd’s response to Bryant. From CBS Sports:

“I was texting Spike as the game was going on, saying how disappointed I was in the fans chanting “MVP!” for Kobe,” Miller said. “I was like, ‘How the mighty have fallen.'”

Because I remember in times past, I never got cheered. I’m sure Jordan never got cheered. And now they are chanting “MVP!” for Kobe? And all (Lee) kept doing was texting back and going, ‘Look, times have changed. The climate has changed.'”

Granted, there were a lot of people wearing Laker shirts in the crowd that night. It’s also worth considering, that the Knicks’ aggressively inept play over the last few years has likely dispirited their fans to the point where they don’t know who to cheer for anymore.

I can only hope that Reggie didn’t scan the schedule for this evening’s slate of games. With Cleveland and You Know Who invading MSG, Miller might want to catch a movie tonight or something.