Report: Kawhi Leonard Wants Gregg Popovich to ‘Tweak Some Things’

by April 27, 2018

Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs’ braintrust are expected to meet soon, and according to a rival team executive, the superstar forward wants head coach Gregg Popovich to “tweak some things.”

Leonard’s lingering quad injury limited him to just nine games this season, and created a rift with the organization.

San Antonio can offer Leonard a five-year, $219-million “super max” deal this summer.

Per the NY Daily News:

The Spurs, though, have a difficult decision on their hands. Do you invest the richest contract in franchise history for a player who didn’t exactly rush back to play this season and who has missed a ton of games over his career? In his first six seasons, Leonard missed 78 games. This year he was out 73. That’s nearly two full seasons of games missed in seven years.

“Don’t you have to sign him,” asks one rival executive. “From what I understand, he wants (Gregg) Popovich to lighten up a little with practice and tweak some things. The Spurs may not want to change their ways, but this is Kawhi Leonard we’re talking about.”

A meeting between Leonard, Popovich and general manager R.C. Buford will either mend fences or lead to a high-profile divorce.