Report: Kevin Durant Challenged Draymond Green to Control His Emotions

Ten weeks ago, a heated argument erupted between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green on the Warriors’ bench.

Over a bottle of wine, the two All-Stars made amends, and Golden State’s early-season struggles appear to be in the rearview mirror.

Green reportedly accepted Durant’s challenge to keep his emotions in check.

Per The Athletic:

“Just kind of frustrated and hopeless,” Green said of his low point this season. “Those moments, they happen. Just staying the course, having people in your corner that a) is supportive and b) not afraid to tell you that your shit stink. I think that’s important. You see so many times people like ‘yes’ men being around them. They go home and whoever lives in their house is like, ‘Oh yeah. You’re right.’ My girl isn’t like that. She’ll tell me my shit stink. My family isn’t like that. They’ll tell me. My friends will tell me.”

Durant told Green he wasn’t accepting the emotional excuse. Green’s fire is what makes him great even if it also makes him volatile. But Durant wasn’t buying that it’s uncontrollable. He’s seen Green control it. He’s seen him keep his composure in the crucible of championship stakes. He’s seen him locked in and focused, forcing his emotions to submit to his will. So Durant challenged him to be better. Green accepted.

“It’s very rare,” Green said of what he and Durant have. “Obviously, we had a good relationship and then to go through something like we went through and still come out of that with a great relationship, that’s special. Those are the relationships you have for life. My deepest relationships that I have is, like, with people that I went through shit with. It could’ve been a bad argument. It could’ve been ready to go to blows. Those are my best relationships because you go through something and then you come out on the other side and y’all are tighter and better for it. Those are the special relationships.”

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