Report: Kristaps Porzingis Rehabbing With Real Madrid, Progress ‘Jaw-Dropping’ 💪🏽

Kristaps Porzingis has returned to Europe for the second consecutive summer; however, rather than working out in his home country of Latvia, the New York Post reported Porzingis has been rehabbing his ACL in Spain with Real Madrid.

Porzingis and Spain have history — he played three seasons in Liga ACB before being drafted by the Knicks.

Carlon Colker, Porzingis’ personal performance coach, said the rehab has the budding superstar looking “beastly”:

“KP is doing great in Madrid … His aggressive rehab is at a jaw-dropping rate. In conjunction, his body is already looking beastly. By September, he’ll be almost non-recognizable with his shirt off. We’re working on increasing his lean muscle mass and also training for a functionality and ruggedness to compliment his game.’’

Despite not working out with anyone on the Knicks’ staff during the offseason, general manager Scott Perry said nothing is out of the ordinary:

“Things are moving on as expected. We’re looking forward to monitoring him throughout the summer.”

Newly hired coach David Fizdale is reportedly waiting until Porzingis returns to Latvia to visit him and his family.