Report: NBA Preparing To Get Involved At High School Basketball Level

by March 05, 2018

The NBA is preparing to get more involved at the high school basketball level, creating a comprehensive plan that goes beyond just altering the one-and-done rule, according to ESPN‘s Brian Windhorst:

Now, though, there is turbulence, as the underbelly in the youth and college basketball systems is being exposed. The NBA has watched it unfold. Seeing both a responsibility as the world’s leading basketball league and an opportunity to move in on valuable territory, the league is preparing to get involved again with elite high school basketball players, multiple sources told ESPN.

Commissioner Adam Silver has reportedly met with several advisers, as well as the National Basketball Players Association, about developing a strategy that expands the relationship between the NBA and elite teenagers and provides an alternate path to the League besides college:

But Silver’s aim is much more comprehensive than simply re-opening the door for 18-year-olds to play in the NBA, sources said.

A plan is expected to include the NBA starting relationships with elite teenagers while they are in high school, providing skills to help them develop both on and off the court. It would ultimately open an alternate path to the NBA besides playing in college and a way 18-year-olds could earn a meaningful salary either from NBA teams or as part of an enhanced option in the developmental G League, sources said.

Windhorst further reports that Silver could present a plan within the next few months, as the current scandals rocking the NCAA and youth basketball have seemingly sped up the timeline:

These concerns have been on Silver’s desk for some time, and he has been seeking input on the topic, reaching out to influential basketball minds across the sport to hear ideas. Recent events have convinced him that some concepts need to be accelerated, sources said.

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