Report Of Possible Suspension News To Telfair

by Ryne Nelson

Possession of a loaded handgun, speeding and driving without a license will warrant a suspension in the NBA. But when nothing is done for a year and a half, some problems will arise.

If you’re Bassy – who was arrested in April 2007 – you figure you’re off easy; an entire season past, and the NBA issued no form of discipline. You figure it’s done. Then, you hear this from the New York Daily News.

Sebastian Telfair will start the season on the sidelines due to a suspension that will be announced sometime before his Timberwolves open the season Oct. 29 against Sacramento.

As you’d expect, this is news to the Wolves, especially because the team still hasn’t heard from the League office. To add some more ambiguity, the Daily News cited only unidentified sources. Now, there’s some confusion about when Sebastian Telfair’s season will begin. From the Pioneer Press:

[Coach Randy] Wittman said the Wolves have received no notification from the NBA that a suspension is coming for Telfair, who was with the Boston Celtics at the time.

“Why would they be doing it now?” Wittman said. “Why didn’t they do it last year? I have no idea.”

The reality is Telfair’s sentencing to three years’ probation last month spurred the suspension. Odd timing. Yes. Random? No.