Reports: Iverson Possibly Headed to Charlotte

by Marcel Mutoni

Over the weekend, rumors started flying around that The Answer had finally found a basketball home again.

Word on the street is that Allen Iverson is leaning towards reuniting with his old coach, in a city he had previously cited as one of his top destination choices.

From the Charlotte Observer:

Dime Magazine’s web site reports that Allen Iverson and the Bobcats already have agreed to terms on a contract that will be signed within a week.

I’m told by a great source that’s not true. However, that doesn’t mean Iverson won’t be a Bobcat. It sounds like there’s a good chance that will happen. My source says definitively that Iverson’s first choice is to play for Larry Brown again in Charlotte, and that there have been serious discussions about making that happen.

As Larry Brown himself has pointed out, money is a concern, and the ‘Cats already have plenty of guards who need minutes, and as was made perfectly clear last season, A.I. isn’t exactly the kind of guy who’s willing to take a backseat to anyone. So, yeah, there could be issues there.

Of course, it would be a lot more exciting if Allen signed with the Knicks, but you can’t blame the guy for wanting to hook up with Mr. Play the Right Way again. Brown was the coach during Iverson’s greatest moments as a NBA player, and there’s probably no better guiding force for Allen Iverson as he puts the finishing touches on his Hall of Fame career.