Reports: Rubio Staying Across the Pond

by September 01, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

According to several published reports on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, David Khan’s numerous trips to Spain resulted in absolutely nothing for the T-Wolves (except, perhaps, a nice tan for the Minny boss.)

Ricky Rubio appears to be staying in his native land, for at least a couple more years.

This isn’t really much of a surprise — since Draft night, it has never seemed likely that we’d see Rubio on an NBA floor in 2010, and certainly not in a Timberwolves uniform.

So, now what for the T-Wolves and their fans? Well, there’s a lot of teeth-gnashing and suffering going on at the moment (and hope that Jonny Flynn turns into some kind of star.) The poor bastards.

The Minny media, meanwhile, isn’t totally convinced that Rubio won’t be playing in the U.S. next season, The Star Tribune has a rumor (last heard on the infamous Draft night) that the Wolves and Knicks are working on a possible trade. Said rumor was shot down completely by the NY media. Alas.

In the end, as always, it seems to have been about the money more than anything else. At the moment, Regal FC Barcelona can afford to pay Ricky significantly more than Minny is even allowed to offer.

All things considered, not a very difficult decision for the Rubio camp.