Rick Carlisle Wants the Mavs to Get Mean and Nasty

by October 03, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

New Mavs coach Jim Carrey Rick Carlisle wants to bring quite a bit of change to Dallas. He claims that the team will be running more, and he expects them to shed their “soft guys” label around the League.

And the only way for this to happen? The way all great things have been accomplished: With lustful hatred, of course.

From the Star-Telegram:

“I’m looking for some [jerks] here, really, to tell you the truth,” Carlisle said. “How do you get guys to be nasty? Well, hating the opponent is a start. We’ve got to develop that as we go along.”

Jerry Stackhouse, who has never shied away from getting a little nasty, is down with Carlisle’s philosophy.

“We had it when we were in Detroit. I know exactly what he’s talking about,” said swingman Jerry Stackhouse, who played for Carlisle for two seasons with the Detroit Pistons. “We made a conscious effort not to see other teams at shootaround.”

Introducing the Dallas Mavericks’ slogan for 2009: No More Handshakes!