Ricky Rubio Open to Signing With Timberwolves Next Year?

by March 29, 2011

To Wolves fans, Rubio must feel like that pony they kept asking for (and never got) as children … but, hey, his family says he might sign next season (reportedly). From the Pioneer Press: “A little birdie says the Timberwolves have received word from Ricky Rubio’s family that he’s open to signing with them for next season — if there is a season. The NBA’s labor agreement expires June 30, and that’s an issue for Rubio, the Wolves’ 2009 first-round draft pick who could continue playing for FC Barcelona in Spain if there is an NBA lockout. The 6-foot-4 point guard is averaging 5.5 points and 4.0 assists in 45 games this season.”