Ricky Says ‘Adiós’ to DKV Joventut

by Ryne Nelson

You have to feel sorry for Ricky Rubio.

Sure, he’s already star in Spain, is banking endorsement deals, and he’s one of the most hyped foreign-born athletes in history. Not to mention he’s still 18 years old. But for a guy who didn’t make even 100 grand last season in salary from DKV Joventut, a $6.6 million buyout doesn’t seem right. If he pays that fee, Rubio won’t be making it big when he comes to America; he’ll be paying his way in!

When Joventut refused to lower the buyout, Rubio’s camp threatened litigation based on the difference between his salary and the buyout total. The issue will most likely be settled in court many months down the line for an undisclosed amount.

Roughly translated from the Barcelona newspaper La Vanguardia:

After various negotiations that have not resulted in any agreement, Ricky Rubio has filed a lawsuit against DKV Joventut in order to force an agreement to reduce its break clause in contract.

Ricky’s not traveling the typical rose-petaled path of a top-3 pick, but when David Stern finally calls his name this month, that contract will be only an afterthought.