Rockets Owner: ‘We’re Going to Win Some Championships With James Harden’

Houston is “going to win some championships with James Harden,” vowed Rockets owner Tim Fertitta after his team’s season came to an end Friday night.

Harden and the Rockets are headed home for the summer, after being eliminated in six games by the two-time NBA defending champion Golden State Warriors.

“They just outplayed us,” concluded Chris Paul.

Per The Houston Chronicle :

“It always hurts, knowing that we had opportunities,” guard James Harden said. “Very, very frustrating. Going to let it sink in a little bit. Find ways to be better.

“We let a lot of opportunities slip away; opportunities in the last game, opportunities in Games 1 and 2. If you don’t take advantage of the opportunities, you end up on the losing side.”

That realization will anguish the Rockets as much as any of the ways they had come up short against the Warriors before. But by Friday’s finish the difference had become clear.

“There were times where we can make some big plays and got a little separated (but) just couldn’t make the big play,” coach Mike D’Antoni said. “You know, a big shot or a big steal. They’re champions.

“This one’s going to leave a mark. This is not just something you get over. I’m definitely not going to get over it in this press conference or tomorrow or the next night. This one hurt. We didn’t play our best and to beat these guys, you have to play your best.”

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