Ron Artest … to the Rockets?!

by Marcel Mutoni

Well, yes, actually.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Tru Warier’s days as a King are done. Scooch over, T-Mac and Yao, a new headline-grabber is on his way to town:

In a stunning move designed to push the Rockets from solid playoff team toward legitimate NBA contenders, the Rockets reached agreement Tuesday with the Sacramento Kings to acquire gifted but controversial forward Ron Artest, according to an NBA executive with knowledge of the deal.

The Rockets will give up guard Bobby Jackson, a No. 1 draft pick next season and another player that the individual with knowledge of the trade could not name.

Can Artest not only help Ming and McGrady get past the dreaded First Round, but also manage not to turn everyone against him in Clutch City? The front-office in Houston seems to think so, as evidenced by their willingness to give up a draft pick next season to get their hands on the former Defensive Player of the Year.

This is the first major move in Daryl Morey’s tenure as the brainy wunderkind GM in Houston; Rockets fans are certainly hopeful it will do nothing to tarnish his sterling reputation. Needless to say, Darly, best of luck to you on that one.

(Thanks to reader Rafael for the link.)