Ron myspaces Stephen…

By Sam Rubenstein

The Milwaukee Bucks are the opposite of Dwyane Wade.

Nellie is going to try and cut down on the Warriors ridiculous amount of three point shooting from last season.

So, everybody who’s anybody has already weighed in on what’s wrong with American basketball. Now here’s the opinion of the guy that all those U.S. players wish they were.
Ron Artest sent Stephen “Whoo” Jackson a myspace message. I think this should have happened on the new and improved social networking site: crackspace. I’m not making that name up.

Are the Suns getting a little frustrated with Amare’s dedication? D’antoni, you are a miracle worker but you don’t want this guy to go somewhere else and come back to haunt you. A healthy Amare against a Suns team without Amare would score 150 points on 60 dunks and a bunch of freethrows.

Stephen Jackson: “They really know me. They know I’ve never been in trouble in my life. I’m not a bad guy. I ain’t no thug like everybody is trying to portray me to be.” My bad for the portrayal.

And my bad for the crackspace comment.

Isiah vs. Greg Anthony. Ahhhhhh… is there anyone out there who just does hs job without beef and drama? Isiah does have some humorous commentary about Anthony, mostly that Greg was never ever ever ever on his level as a player and based on that Isiah says he should shut his yapper. I’m not a fan of anyone involved in this sordid drama, and it was good for a chuckle, but come on now. Isiah, espn loves it when they get one of their on-air people’s names in the news.