Russell Westbrook Doesn’t Want to Sit Out Games

Russell Westbrook, health-permitting, wants to suit up for every single game.

The OKC Thunder superstar guard says that, having been forced to sit out due to injury, he appreciates being on the court more than ever.

Westbrook, 28, has rarely missed games for rest throughout his career.

Per The Oklahoman:

Westbrook, who came up with a blister on his right hand after he slid on the floor following a third-quarter foul in Monday’s game against the Golden State Warriors, hasn’t missed a game this season.


Westbrook rested two games last season, but didn’t take a rest in 2014-15 when the Thunder went into the final day of the regular season fighting for a playoff spot. Westbrook missed 14 games early that season with a hand injury. He missed 27 games the season before with a knee injury.


“I like to play basketball, so I like to go out and compete and have fun,” Westbrook said. “I think for me I look at (rest) differently just because from being hurt and missing a lot of games, I embrace every moment I have an opportunity to play basketball and enjoy any time I can to get on the floor and play.”

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