Russell Westbrook Promises Revenge Against Zaza Pachulia

Update: Zaza Pachulia isn’t shook. When told about Westbrook’s postgame quote, Pachulia didn’t back down, telling Russ to “bring it on.”

From The Washington Post:

Pachulia, for his part, said he was simply going for the ball, and thought it was a clean steal, though he also said he knew what he was doing when he stood over Westbrook.


“I was there, so whatever I did, it was me,” Pachulia said. “I’m in charge for my behavior.”


As for Westbrook’s comments? Well, Pachulia didn’t hesitate.


“Bring it on,” he said. “Bring it on.


“I’ll be there. I’ll be in OKC, too, so whenever he wants, my pleasure. My pleasure.”

Original StoryZaza Pachulia knocked Russell Westbrook down, and stood over him late in the first half of Wednesday night’s battle between Golden State and OKC.

Russ says he’ll get Zaza back next time the Thunder and Warriors meet.

Westbrook registered his 21st triple-double of the season, but it wasn’t enough to avoid a 121-100 loss to Kevin Durant and the Dubs.

Per The Oklahoman:

He saw it after the Thunder’s 121-100 loss to the Warriors Wednesday night at Oracle Arena. And when he got a look at Zaza Pachulia standing over him after a late-first-half flagrant foul, Westbrook didn’t like what he saw.


“I didn’t see that until just now, but I don’t play that game,” Westbrook said. “I’m gonna get his a– back. Whenever that is, I don’t know when it’s gonna be, but I don’t play that game.”


“He hit me kinda hard, but that’s all right,” Westbrook said. “I’m gonna get his ass back. Straight up.”