Russell Westbrook to Karl-Anthony Towns: ‘Get to the F**king Playoffs’ Before Talking

Russell Westbrook strongly and loudly advised Karl-Anthony Towns to reach the postseason before he starts chirping Tuesday night.

KAT, in all likelihood, will not be leading the Timberwolves back to the playoffs this season.

Towns, 23, kept his cool and his mouth shut last night, instead pushing Minnesota past the visiting OKC Thunder 131-120.

Per The Athletic:

“Get to the fucking playoffs before you speak to me,” Westbrook barked.

Towns finished with 41 points, 14 rebounds and two steals in the 131-120 victory on Tuesday night, the latest dominant performance in a string of them that has all the signs of a fourth-year pro making The Leap. He needed just 30 minutes and 27 seconds to post that line and has scored 182 points in the last five games, the most prolific such stretch in franchise history. For a player who has long lived by the credo that he “takes what the game gives me,” the sudden imposing of his will on the game has him playing at a top-10 level.

Despite Westbrook’s taunts, it takes more than singular greatness to bring team success. But after the game, that back-and-forth with the league’s most vindictive trash talker, and the fact that the Wolves are just 2-3 during his historic stretch of scoring, were at the forefront of his mind. That is a good sign.

“We haven’t won, so it doesn’t really matter,” Towns said. “You can have all the numbers you want, but you don’t ever want to be that guy that’s getting good stats on a losing team. Gotta find ways to win. Rather have less stats and more wins than doing what I’ve been doing recently.”

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