Serge Ibaka and James Johnson Ejected for Throwing Punches

by January 10, 2018

Serge Ibaka and James Johnson were tossed out Tuesday night’s tilt in Miami after both guys threw punches at one another.

The altercation took place less than four minutes into the second half.

The Heat held off the visiting Toronto Raptors in a wild 90-89 win.

Per the Sun-Sentinel:

His team already decimated by injuries, including a shoulder issue that kept guard Tyler Johnson out of Tuesday’s game, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra prepared for Wednesday’s game braced for the worst.


“We’re going to wait [to hear] from the league,” Spoelstra said, “and we’ll just wait until we find out when we talk to the league.”


Tensions ran high throughout the game, which was decided by Wayne Ellington’s driving layup with three-tenths of a second to play.


“It certainly felt like there was something at stake from the very tip, and that’s the way it should be in this league,” Spoelstra said. “There was a physicality, an edge to the game.”