Shaq Chooses Where He Wants His Jersey Retired

by January 12, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Shaquile O’Neal, the self-proclaimed Most Dominant Ever, has left an indelible mark on four NBA franchises over the course of his career. But there’s really only one League venue where he’d like to be forever remembered.

Pressed to choose the one arena where he’d most like to see his jersey hung up near the rafters, Shaq picked L.A.

From ESPN:

“Hopefully it’ll be here,” he said, walking through the hallway in Staples Center. “I was part of the greatest one-two punch in Laker history. Hopefully they still remember that.”

“In a perfect world, I have four teams, I’d be the first guy standing there with all four jerseys, number retired in all four places. It’s not something I really think about. If I had my first wish, it would be here. Because when I first came here, I made the statement I would love to have my name next to Kareem and those greats.”

There’s no need to rehash the drama that took place between Shaq and members of the Laker organization here, but needless to say, it’ll take some fence-mending before this jersey-hanging takes place. Which, all told, is pretty incredible, considering the guy did play a huge role in bringing three titles to the team.