Shaq Is Infuriating.

by February 12, 2008

by Russ Bengtson

I know. We’re not supposed to judge Shaq until he makes his first appearance with his new squad. And it appears that the Big Sunspot will be making his Phoenix appearance soon enough—though not tomorrow night—now that he’s been miraculously cured by the Suns’s winning record brilliant medical staff.

But Shaq continues to make it difficult for us snarky writer types. He’s been making dubious comments since the trade, like “You just don’t really want to get me upset. When I’m upset, I’m known to do certain things — like win championships.” That’s funny, I thought the $20 million a year extension he got from Miami would have been motivation enough to do that. Apparently not. Note to Heat: $60 million extension equals one championship’s worth of effort. Keep in mind when making offers to Shawn “I Just Want To Feel Loved” Marion.

Now there’s the latest Diesel salvo, from the first story linked to above. Seems that, after just a few trips up and down the court with his newest dance partners, The Big Unappreciative has a new outlook on the game:

O’Neal said he’s looking forward to playing with Nash, a two-time MVP who is adept at finding teammates for wide-open shots in the Suns’ free-flowing attack.

“I’ve never had a point guard like him,” O’Neal said. “As I was telling Steve, I haven’t got an easy bucket in six years.”

Excuse me? I think Dwyane Wade just took Shaq out of his Fave Five.