Shaq on the Eddy Curry Comparisons: ‘He Hasn’t Come Close’

by December 15, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Like Harold Miner before him, Eddy Curry was given an unfortunate nickname when he entered the League, one he could never live up to.

The man who inspired the nickname – “Baby Shaq” – was asked to assess Curry’s career up to this point, and Shaquille O’Neal was left with little choice but to give Curry (who has yet to play this season) a failing grade.

From the NY Daily News:

“He hasn’t come close,” O’Neal says. “I don’t want to say anything that is going to hurt his feelings, but I don’t know what is going on with him. In this league, when you’re touted as something and in your mind you don’t think you’re that, then you either got to put up numbers or you got to play the game.”

“I was a little big but I was still putting up historical numbers. If he wants to get that next contract he’s going to have to go to the New York Athletic Club three times a day and just ride the bike.”

Yes. Definitely go to the gym, Eddy. Just steer clear of the exercise balls and you’ll be fine.