Shaquille O’Neal: ‘My Work Ethic Speaks for Itself’

by August 29, 2019

Shaquille O’Neal, in response to former Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant‘s criticism of his dedication to the game of basketball, says his “work ethic speaks for itself.”

O’Neal adds that Bryant’s comments were an attempt to “stay relevant somehow.”

Kobe stresses that he has “no beef” with Shaq, and that it’s “all love” between the two legends who won three consecutive NBA titles together in Los Angeles.

Per The AP:

Kobe Bryant downplayed talk of a reignited feud with Shaquille O’Neal, saying Thursday there is “nothing new” that has been said lately between the former teammates.

“I think people are making it like we’re going back and forth about it, but there’s nothing to go back and forth about,” Bryant said.

“There’s nothing that has been said that hasn’t been said before. It’s nothing new.”

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