Short playoff series. David Stern are you watching?

by October 05, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

After one week, the NBA season previews have been great so far! Thanks to everyone who has contributed. There is nothing I love more than when other people step up and write lengthy pieces for the site.

Today being Friday, the second one that goes up will be the face of slamonline over the weekend. Therefore it has to be one of the more, shall we say “discussable” teams in the league. I think I’ve just given it away already, but enjoy that over the weekend everyone. I guess I should put Ryan‘s Cavs preview up first so he’ll stop whining, but then I’ll close out the week with a Western Conference team. And yes I understand that I am setting a horrible precedent where if you whine you get your way. Please don’t. Ryan just so happens to be very talented in that field.

Speaking of Ryan, on the left is a photo of LeBron James, the face of Cleveland, someone who has lived his entire life in the state of Ohio. Last night he attended a Cleveland baseball playoff game against the New York Yankees. There is his Yankee hat. BOLD! He was interviewed and said that his football team is the Dallas Cowboys. A true frontrunner’s frontrunner. But I’m sure Cavs fans will have nothing to worry about when he decides its time to come play for Brooklyn.

I did watch some baseball last night, but I’m not here to talk about that. It made me think of the NBA playoffs of all things. 5 game series are awesome. The intensity is there from the beginning. If a team loses game one, it becomes desperation time already, and that’s what the playoffs are supposed to be about. NBA, learn from this. Ditch the 7 game, two-week long first round.

My team is out, but a big Yankee fan friend of mine is having a birthday party tonight at a place where there are no TVs. He might struggle to enjoy this night. I wouldn’t need that extra stress in my life, so it’s fun to just be an impartial fan.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I haven’t been able to go to the gym all week cause of lingering soreness from playing football last Sunday, and I can feel Konate sensing weakness in me. Gotta run, literally.