Should the T-Wolves Do More for KG?

by February 05, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

The relationship between Kevin Garnett and the franchise he broke into the NBA with didn’t excatly end in the most amicable fashion.

Regardless, he’s the greatest player in team history (by a very wide margin), and as he makes his first visit to Minny as an opposing player this week, shouldn’t he be expecting more than this:

The only plan the Timberwolves had for the player who was once their Big Ticket was to announce him first to allow him to get a lengthy ovation.

No flashy video tribute or special gifts.

Call me old-fashioned, but that’s just embarrassing. KG is the franchise leader in every meaningful statistical category, and hardly anyone would own a T-Wolves jersey if he never played there.

You’d think that the least McHale and company could do – even though the injured Garnett isn’t expected to suit up on Friday night – is splice together some video clips of his greatest moments, which not so incidentally, happen to also be the team’s greatest.