Sixers Coach Brett Brown: ‘We Want to Play in the NBA Finals’

by September 24, 2018

The Philadelphia Sixers have a big goal this season, according to head coach Brett Brown: reaching the NBA Finals.

Brown says his team feels it could have played in last season’s championship round.

It bears noting that hardly anyone took Brown seriously when he set the goal of making the playoffs a year ago.


“We want to play in the NBA Finals,” Brown said Saturday following the team’s first training camp practice. “As I said to you, we feel we could have played in the NBA Finals [last season]. I understand the magnitude of that statement, but I stand by it. And I own it.”

Boston is the favorite to win the Eastern Conference. On paper, the Toronto Raptors and Sixers are considered their closest competitors.

“It’s our goal to play in an NBA Finals,” Brown said. “It’s a respect of championships habits. It’s a respect of each other. There are a lot of pieces that clearly have to be involved for us to achieve such a high goal. But that’s our goal.”