Sixers Laugh off Eric Bledsoe’s Claim That Kentucky Could Beat Them

by November 20, 2014

There could be fireworks when the Phoenix Suns and Philadelphia Sixers face off this Friday.

Eric Bledsoe dismissed the struggling Sixers, claiming that the Kentucky Wildcats would dominate them in a hypothetical Playoff series.

Jason Richardson and Tony Wroten, as you might expect, don’t exactly agree.

Per the Philly Inquirer and CSN Philly:

Sixers veteran Jason Richardson, who has not played since January 2013 because of knee and foot injuries, laughed when he heard those comments. […] “A college team could not beat an NBA team,” Richardson said Wednesday before the game against the Boston Celtics at the Wells Fargo Center. “It would not happen, especially with the experience the NBA players have.”


Richardson said he would make sure his teammates were aware of the comments. “It will definitely be on the bulletin board and I will definitely put it up,” he said.


“Nah, they can’t beat us,” Wroten replied. “He’s crazy.” […] “Yeah, it’s insulting,” Wroten said. “He might be serious, but I know Bledsoe. I’m not going to take it personally.”