So that’s what Billy Knight is up to…

by Lang Whitaker

This might be a Hawks-heavy day — just warning you now.

Anyway, I got an email last night through my work email that read, in part…

Yo Lang!!
Absolutely are no prerequisite tests, classes, books, or interviews !
Have a Bachelors, Masters., MBA, and Doctorate (PhD) diploma.
Have the profit and respect_that comes with a.diploma !
No one is passed by
Privacy assured

Quite special, I thought, a college that offers degrees via an email filled with punctuation errors and grammatical miscues.

But then I noticed who the email came from: Billy Knight.

Billy Knight, the GM of the Atlanta Hawks? Probably not, but who knows? At this point I’m not putting anything past the man with the strongest handshake in the NBA. He’s definitely not wasting his time spending the leftover cash under the Atlanta salary cap — maybe he’s running his own university in his spare hours. And maybe that’s why the Hawks keep drafting youthful swingmen, to stock his very own NCAA team.
In which case, sign me up!